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Mar 27, 2020

77. Trauma - Retriggered; Stopping Emotional Triggering. In this first episode of Season 4 of podcast, I cover - 

1) What is Emotional Triggering and how does it show up?

2) Why does a Crisis impact some more than others?

3) Why is this showing up during today's crisis when my trauma happened a...

Mar 20, 2020

76. Realities & Rebirth - Managing Your Mindset to Handle Stress and Challenges.

In Show 76 of Lesson in Life & Love I cover how to check into Reality by living "In the Now," having a Plan B for challenging times, the steps and reasons to do Meditation, and why you may become anxious if you have a high need for control,...

Mar 13, 2020

75. Handling Fears & Disappointments- 5 Tips What You Can Do to Help deal with Fear during the time of the Corona Virus

This is a scary time, isn't it? How do you handle the fear of a Pandemic World Medical Crisis? Is there a way to stay safe and keep our children and loves ones safe? it's hard to feel helpless. Here's...

Mar 4, 2020

74. Religious Abuse of our Children & Child Slavery is discussed by Producer of Movies Making a Difference; Diana Davis; founder of this 501c3 Corp.

Most people have heard of sex trafficking, but many have not heard about Religious Abuse & Child Slavery that is taking place all over the mid-west USA. Get the facts and...

Feb 28, 2020

73. Men's Performance Coach Dr. John Schinnerer Helps Men reach their Peak Performance from the Boardroom to the Bedroom. Listen in on this lively conversation about Helping men find Happiness in all Life areas. Dr. John has been seen in US News & World Report, SELF Magazine, Reader's Digest, and Hosts the podcast, "The...