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Feb 15, 2019

24. The Art of the Kiss: What the Kiss Reveals about Your Relationship, How to Tell if Someone Wants to Kiss You, Kissing Turn On's & Off's, Body Language of Attraction with guest Katia Loisel

In Episode 24 of Lessons in Life & Love, my guest Katia Loisel of a global digital video-on-demand network for everything about Love; goes into her research on the Art of the Kiss. She is the Host of "French Kiss; The Art & Science of Kissing" and co-author of "How to get the Woman/Man You Want." We discuss - How to tell if someone wants to Kiss You; What if the first kiss is bad?; the Benefits of Kissing, the Top reasons why we misread body language signals in Dating & Relationships, and much more! Join this very talented and beautiful lady from Australia, in this very informative episode!

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