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Jul 19, 2019

46. Love & Business Success: John Lee Dumas Host of EOFire podcast guests

Does Love & Business mix? What are some Success Tools to make it in an Online Business? John Lee Dumas, of the award-winning podcast, (Entrepreneur on Fire); guests with Coach Riana Milne on Show #46 of podcast. Learn tips on how to be successful in both Business & Love AND when you are a couple who has a business together. (Video version): 


Topics covered are:

1) What does one develop the Mindset for Success?

2) Did John ever experience Childhood Trauma, and did it impact him in any way when it came to self-doubt in business or in launching his podcast?

3) John shares his Secrets for Success in Love when your Partner is your Business Partner in a 7-figure business and more value bombs!


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