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Apr 28, 2023

116. Sexy Single Men from the Cruise Ship - 5 Men Tell All!

Five wonderful men from the Jan 2023 Singles Cruise (my first ever!) became very good friends of mine from all the fun we had on the boat. I asked them to share their thoughts and answer from the heart on -

  • Why did they choose Singles Cruising?
  • Is it really the "Love Boat" for them; or are they just looking to hook up?
  • What are they looking for in a woman?
  • What would make them commit to one special lady? and lots more....

My Guests & Friends are Frankie G, James, Sherman, Frank Z, and Warren....from ages 50 - 62, all with different experiences on the ship.

These guys are best friends and jokesters, but really have the ability to speak honestly and openly, and always treated me with loving respect. I truly appreciate them doing the show - they also gave me some great Coaching moments for both MEN and WOMEN! This is part ONE of THREE shows; Enjoy!

You can meet them, and me on an upcoming Singles Cruise; as I am now an Affiliate Travel Agent for Singles; and Dating Expert Guest Speaker, and Host on many upcoming Singles Trips! All Singles will have access to me for advice, tips, and FUN!

Learn more about how to Vacation and Cruise with Sensational Singles with my company originally a 16-year World Travel blog, and now a Travel Agent booking site. I'm now an Affiliate Agent with and Shelby Frenette; we joined forces to help BOTH of our groups of Singles to meet even MORE Singles through Cruising & amazing vacations!

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