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May 5, 2023

AUDIO Podcast - PART 2 of 3 -- FIVE Single Men from our Single's Cruise Tell All!

As a Single person, I took a Singles Cruise Jan 2023 and met these 5 fabulously Fun Men -- Frankie, James, Sherman, Frank Z, and Warren; who are now dear friends of mine! They promised to talk from their hearts and souls to help the women and men of my Singles Family - to have more success with dating and love relationships. They answer what women want to know most - and have GREAT Advice for the men as well!

(Watch this super funny Video Podcast Here:

Questions include:

  1. What qualities do you look for in a woman?
  2. What would make you want to become Exclusive and Committed, vs just having a casual relationship?
  3. What causes connection for you? 
  4. WHO fell in love on the ship and had a "Love Boat" experience, and why?

...and lots of Coaching moments with this feisty bunch!

Yes, it's true that now I am a Featured Speaker & Special Host on Singles Trips & Cruises since speaking on the Jan cruise; and a Fl. Licensed Travel Agent with my company; Romance International Travel; a Travel Blog of 16 years. My Love of International Travel and Coaching will now go together, doing Singles & Couples Coaching BOTH from land and sea!!

Yes, I will still be coaching from my Fla office too. Join my RIT - FB Page here for all upcoming trips at

Go to my Travel Website at to check out all the details of our Upcoming Trips and Cruises for Sophisticated Singles and Romantic, Fun Couples - featuring FUN & Romance at Reasonable Rates!

Join me at The Celebration Cancun MX Birthday Bash with James who is in the tape and me both celebrating; Thurs 9/14 - Tues 9/192023 at a Beautiful, All-Inclusive Beach and ocean-front Resort; have VIP NightClub access, and tons of fun activities. A Trip you won't want to miss!

I'm now an affiliate with Shelby & Joel Frenette and their company; Check out their website for the FULL list of travel excursions! Tell them Riana sent you to get a special gift on your trip!

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