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Sep 21, 2018

3: Are You in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship? Stop the Power & Control to Get the Love You Deserve!

What exactly is Emotional Abuse & Relationship Trauma - and does it affect you? In show 3 of Lessons in Life and Love, I go over the Emotional Abuse Checklist and give you clear examples of toxic abuse; and touch on other abuses such as verbal, physical, parental, intimation, and more. You may even be doing it yourself!

I then describe in detail all the sections of the Power & Control wheel and clearly explain what Obsessive Love is - which is full of codependency and Love Addiction. How did your romantic love get this way? You will come to understand why.

Know the signs of PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression - which are all a direct result of Toxic Love. Learn how Adult Emotional Abuse impacts children - both at home and in school.


Books/Resources I use: 

1. LIVE Beyond Your Dreams - From Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose & Success - by Riana Milne & Alexi Panos 

 2. LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve – by Riana Milne 

 3. Daily Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics – by Rokelle Lerner

4. The Sociopath Next Door - The Ruthless vs the Rest of Us by Dr. Martha Stout

5. Life Code - The New Rules for Living in the Real World by Dr. Phil McGraw

6. The Peter Pan Syndrome - Men Who Have Never Grown Up by Dodd Mead

7. Wing Man - The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Woman of Your Dreams - by Rich Celenza

8. Too Busy to Get Busy: How to Fix your (Almost) Sexless Relationship - by Jan Guyn, PhD, RN

9. A Course in Miracles – Combined Volume – Foundation for Inner Peace

10. Calling in the One – 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life

11. The Secret DVD by Rhonda Byrne 



Podcast website:

Facebook: Coach Riana Milne  





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