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Jun 18, 2021

107. Connection Between Childhood & Love Trauma - Breaking the Chains that Bind You. 2-Hour Class; PART 1.

Break the Chains of Toxic Abusive Love & to Boldly Create the Life You Desire & Have the Love You Deserve!
We'll Cover:
1) Understanding How Your Past Influences your Love Partner Selection & Degree of Success in Relationships
2) The Top 10 Childhood Traumas & their Connection to Emotionally Healthy - OR - Hurtful Love called Love Trauma
3) 5 Things You Can do NOW to Date Successfully & Attract Emotionally Healthy Partners
4) How to be More Confident & Successful with Dating
5) Understand what Past Unconscious Patterns to Look for that
Could be Sabotaging Your Success in Love
.....and Much More!
TWO Free Attendance Reports at the end of Class -
1) 6 Ways to Eliminate Toxic Love & Attract Healthy Love ©
2) 8 Dating Disasters to Avoid & What to Do if You Encounter these Predators! ©
3) 4 Other Gifts AVAILABLE THRU Thurs, 6/24/21
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In Light & Love, XO Riana 
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