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Aug 4, 2023

120. Want to know if Coaching with Riana really works? Check out this podcast with Shosh who went from homeless and a Toxic Relationship, to signing up at the highest Diamond 6-month program Level at age 28, for Life & Love Transformation Coaching - that totally changed her life.

Trying to come out to her family as a Lesbian at age 18, Shosh was shunned and kicked out of her family home. Today, five years post-Coaching graduation, learn the skills she used from the program (for BOTH LGBTQ+ Clients and Straight women and men) to Create her Dream-filled life.

Watch the VIDEO Interview:

What skills did Shosh use to improve her Mindset, find her Empowered voice, repair communication with her family, and go from a Toxic, Codependent, Abusive Relationship to having an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved, and Conscious Relationship....then get married to Dani, and now, they are expecting their first child in two months!

A beautiful story of Shosh's incredible journey and reaching ALL her goals and dreams - you won't want to miss it! Creating the Life She Desired and Having the Love/marriage and family she Dreamed of within 5 years of her VIP Coaching Graduation! 

We Cover:

1-Attracting Partners with Your Light

2-Difference Between Counseling and Coaching

3-Changing Destructive Patterns and Ways of Thinking thru Mindset

4-Empowered Communication Skills for new Boundaries w/Partner and Family

5-Dating Consciously and with Purpose

6-Creating New Norms in communication; examples

7-Teaching Those You Love New Communication Rules

8-Using Team Language; using T-Breaks for Couples

9-Feelings vs. Facts - Stopping Assumptions

10- Overcoming Fear of Abandonment & Passive Aggressive Shutdown Together

11-Dating Rules that work for Straight or LGBTQ+ Singles

12- Requirements and Non-Negotiables

13-Strategies to Meet a Partner for Marriage

14-The Art and Psychology of Dating Successfully; Relationship Foundation and more!

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