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Mar 27, 2020

77. Trauma - Retriggered; Stopping Emotional Triggering. In this first episode of Season 4 of podcast, I cover - 

1) What is Emotional Triggering and how does it show up?

2) Why does a Crisis impact some more than others?

3) Why is this showing up during today's crisis when my trauma happened a...

Mar 20, 2020

76. Realities & Rebirth - Managing Your Mindset to Handle Stress and Challenges.

In Show 76 of Lesson in Life & Love I cover how to check into Reality by living "In the Now," having a Plan B for challenging times, the steps and reasons to do Meditation, and why you may become anxious if you have a high need for control,...

Mar 13, 2020

75. Handling Fears & Disappointments- 5 Tips What You Can Do to Help deal with Fear during the time of the Corona Virus

This is a scary time, isn't it? How do you handle the fear of a Pandemic World Medical Crisis? Is there a way to stay safe and keep our children and loves ones safe? it's hard to feel helpless. Here's...

Mar 4, 2020

74. Religious Abuse of our Children & Child Slavery is discussed by Producer of Movies Making a Difference; Diana Davis; founder of this 501c3 Corp.

Most people have heard of sex trafficking, but many have not heard about Religious Abuse & Child Slavery that is taking place all over the mid-west USA. Get the facts and...