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Jul 27, 2023

121. Dating Success Coaching for Seniors with Graduate Bob. Coach

Riana Milne interviews her 79-year Grad, Bob F. who came to Coaching at age 72 with a broken marriage, pending a divorce. How did he go "From Depressed to Falling in Love and Being the Happiest he's ever been in his life?" ....Life & Love Coaching for Senior Singles.

Show Highlights:

1) At age 72, Bob's story of Depression and feeling lost with a request to be divorced for the 3rd time

2) Working through the feelings of abandonment and the pain of divorce

3) Going from a GA and AA model of healing to the new Trauma Recovery Skills because Childhood Trauma was never addressed in his life

4) Getting Bob back out in the Dating world and new skills and confidence

5) What was different with my way of Coaching compared to the Counseling he tried before?

6) Breaking old Behavioral Norms and Patterns that did not serve him

7) How he has sustained his new Love Relationship for over 7 years; and his new outlook and JOY in Life since Graduating from "The Dating to Mating - Life and Love Transformation Coaching for Singles?" and more!

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