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Mar 7, 2024

Show #124 (AUDIO) Traumas Role in Self-Love Deficit Disorder; Understanding and Changing the Concept of Codependency; for Lessons in Life & Love Podcast. 

I speak with Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, is a leading global thought leader and renowned expert in Codependency, narcissism, and narcissistic abuse. He is the Self-Love Recovery Insitute's CEO/Owner and primary contributor.

Ross was a Teacher - Mentor Professor of mine in Cherry Hill, NJ when I had my private practice - Therapy by the Sea, LLC, and was researching Childhood Trauma in 2012. I knew the information he presented while working on his book, "Human Magnet Syndrome" which has sold over 165k copies since launching, was going to be quite profound and related to my Childhood & Love Trauma research. (His work is quoted in my book, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams).

In this show learn about - 

1-The Human Magnet Syndrome - What is it and How does it work? What is Codependency - exactly? 

2-What people think about Codependency is Wrong

3-Learn about SLDD - Self Deficit Disorder What is Self-Love, and How do you Get it?

4-The 11 Stages of Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program The HITCH Method of Treatment ....and more! 

Ross is renowned for his expert psychotherapy, public speaker/educator, and expert witness work. His pioneering contributions to the Mental Health Field include sweeping theoretical and practical updates on Codependency, which he renamed - "Self-Love Deficit Disorder".

Ross has global success with 27 million on his YouTube Channel (Please LIKE & Subscribe to his channel too) and has 275k subscribers. 

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