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Aug 7, 2020

96. From Childhood Trauma to Young Millionaire....Inspiration from Mark Lack - Personal Branding & Marketing Coach. How does a young man who was horribly bullied, encouraged to fight and told by his peers and teachers he was Stupid -- to a Multi-millionaire in his twenties? Learn about Mark Lack's Personal Journey and let him Inspire YOU to Greatness too!

We cover:

  • How he overcame childhood Trauma to be so Successful
  • What does he Attribute to his level of Success?
  • What do Today's Entreprneur & Coaches need to "make it" today, especially in the time of COVID?
  • Learn how you can get his FREE GIFT - The Course for Online Businesses - "How to Reach 1 Million People in the Next 42 Days Online" - and much more!

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